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  • Robert Jongebreur is the Principal of REVS. He has been a Director and part-owner of a Melbourne based real estate agency, but no longer acts as a Sales Agent.

    Robert has a strong interest in real estate and has owned property in various States as well as overseas. He has lived and worked in Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne.

    The aim of REVS is to assist owners of residential property with ideas and information to reduce the stress of selling as well as providing assistance in finding the right Agent to sell the property.

    Some of REVS Representatives are Buyers Agents, retired Agents and Property Specialists. None of the Representatives are Sales Agents thus avoiding any conflict of interest.

    At REVS we take pride in helping owners navigate the process of selling their home, answering the many questions you may have and finding the right Sales Agent for your property.

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At REVS we help you find the true value of your home.

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Get a home loan that’s right for you. With access to loans from a wide number of lenders. Speak to an expert and get it sorted.

It can be very important that your application for a mortgage loan is submitted to a lender that is suited to your particular circumstances. If your first application for finance is rejected it can make it more difficult when you approach the next lender. This is one of the main reasons that we recommend that you speak with an expert who may be able to help you with a mortgage at a very low rate and/or with a $0 application fee for the variable rate, and/or $0 ongoing fees, and/or $0 annual fees.

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Investment Property

REVS also has contacts with a number of property investment specialists, ranging from regional properties, to urban properties, to luxury Gold Coast properties.

For more information go to Contact Us and select “Investment Property” where it says “What is your enquiry related to?”


” The marketing campaign was obviously successful”

5 / 5

I would like to express my gratitude for the very diligent and professional service you have provided regarding the sale of our property. The negotiation process was at times very difficult and your ability to proceed with a calm and positive outlook ensured the sale was concluded with a very satisfactory outcome for all parties concerned. The marketing campaign was obviously successful.


“You not only met our expectations of the level of service you promised to deliver, you exceeded them”

5 / 5

We extend a very sincere thank you for the service you provided. You not only met our expectations of the level of service you promised to deliver, you exceeded them.


“you were always contactable and you made the sale process as stress-free as it could be”

5 / 5

Thank you for the excellent service you provided in the sale of our home. Nothing was ever a problem, you were always contactable and you made the sale process as stress-free as it could be. We also got a great result


“It was great to find someone who was honest, straight and forthcoming about the entire process”

5 / 5

It was great to find someone who was honest, straight and forthcoming about the entire process. At all times we felt that we could ring you with questions or concerns and be sure of an honest and informed reply. Thank you for your time, effort and concern in helping us to sell our home.

Kate and David


We help select the best Agent to sell your home using our proven system. Having the right Agent sell your home is extremely important. We are here to help you at every step of the way right up to settlement. As independent experts our job is to assist you where we can, so the selling process is as smooth as can be with the minimum amount of stress.

We receive a Marketing Fee from the Agent. This is common place in the industry and has no impact on the Agent’s commission. Thus our service is free to the home owner.

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Tips for a perfect photo shoot

First impressions are everything and your goal should be for your property to outshine the competition. This list is a guide only and will help ensure your property looks at its best for the photography shoot.


Move vehicles from the driveway and put away any bikes, children’s toys etc. Clean up any rubbish (paper, bags etc) and hide any bins. Mow any overgrown lawns and any obvious weeds. Sweep up leaves and grass cuttings. If possible trim back any overgrown bushes/trees that maybe blocking the full view of the property.


Clear all the benches of any clutter. Small appliances make the bench space disappear. We recommend that you remove the toaster, coffee pot, knife block, can opener, hand mixers etc. Conceal any electrical cords that are visible, or remove the appliances altogether. Clear the refrigerator of any magnets, photos etc. Clean all kitchen appliances such as range hoods, stove top, ovens. Conceal any rubbish bins.

Dining rooms and meal areas

It is a good idea to set any tables with a centrepiece such as a candle or flowers. Ensure the area is free from any clutter and once again please hide any electrical cords.


Shower/bath items should be placed under the sink. Clear counters.


Open all window blinds and drapes to reveal the view. Replace any faulty light globes. Turn inside lights on. Turn televisions off. Make all the beds and hide any clothes in the wardrobes. Hide any electrical cables from items such as as clock radios. Conceal any rubbish bins. Remove pet food bowls and toys. Put away jewellery and valuables. Use a professional photographer and copywriter.

Top 10 Recommendations when Selling your Home

  1. Declutter your home, make it looks spacious. Think about putting extra sofas beds, tables, bookcases etc in storage for a couple of months. Surfaces in the kitchen and ledges/vanities in the bathrooms should be clear off clutter.

  2. First impressions are important. Ensure the garden does not look untidy. Cut the lawn, clean the windows and gutters. Anything that improves the appearance and first impressions of the home is important.

  3. Money spent in the wrong areas may be difficult to recover. For example, spending an extra $25,000 on renovating a bathroom may not get you $25,000 more. Remember that certain changes e.g. resurfacing the bath can cost under $1,000. One percent of the price is often a good guide e.g. do not spend more than $10,000 on $1 million property, unless the property has an obvious fault e.g. badly worn carpet, broken tiles, rusted gutters, leaking roof. Purchasers often look at property with a view to making certain changes (to make it their own). Do not anticipate their needs as each prospective purchaser is likely to have different ideas. Often, simple, inexpensive changes can improve the overall feel of the property. This can be a simple coat of paint (neutral colours are best) In one two areas can work wonders. Try to minimise personal photos so people inspecting the home concentrate on the property, not the family living in it.

  4. Make the house smell fresh. Get rid of unpleasant smells e.g. from cats or dogs. Have some soft music playing in the background to set the mood, make the front entrance inviting. Have flowers on show at inspection times. Coffee brewing on the stove can provide a pleasant aroma and get rid of unpleasant smells.

  5. Be guided by the Agent in setting the price range and method of sale but don’t hesitate for confirmation from us at

  6. Ask the Agent to provide comparable sales data for your suburb to support their estimate.

  7. Do not be present at inspections.

  8. Make sure that your sales documents have been prepared by your Solicitor/Conveyancer before the property is offered for sale as offers to purchase a property cannot be submitted without a copy of the certain documents being made available (this varies from State to State).

  9. The 2 main reasons why homes do not sell are 1. poor marketing campaign, or 2. Price too high. So if there has been a good response to the advertising campaign you may have to reconsider your selling price. Don’t forget that most of the interest is created in the 1 to 4 weeks from the start of a selling campaign and interest will wane from then. Spending too little on advertising is not a good idea while spending too much is wasteful. The vast majority of sales interest is generated via the internet, so it is essential to have good quality photos (and videos if applicable) on the Internet that will generate interest (refer Tips below).

  10. Lock away valuables. Put the best linen on the beds and fresh towels in the bathroom, and again “Ask the Agent for advice at every stage”. Also, maintain regular contact with us at as we are in your corner.

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