Considering selling early 2022?
We help you at every step of the way.
We are independent and committed to helping home owners with the sale process, at no charge.

Selling your home can be stressful

We research the Agents in your area, discuss this with you and then recommend the best strategy, all at no cost to you

REVS assists with the sale of residential property in all States and Territories

For a confidential discussion

We typically discuss the following questions with vendors:-

  • How to choose an Agent?
  • Should I auction or sell privately?
  • What is my property worth?

So contact us now to discuss your options.

And best of all, our services are free. 

About Us

Robert Jongebreur is the Principal of REVS. He has been a Director and part-owner of a Melbourne-based real estate agency but no longer acts as a Sales Agent.

Robert has always had a strong interest in real estate, buying his first property in London whilst in his 20’s. He has lived and worked in Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne and owned  property investments in several States.

The aim of REVS is to assist owners of residential property with ideas and information to reduce the stress of selling as well as providing assistance in finding the right Agent to sell the property.

REVS’s Representatives are Property Specialists and include some ex-Agents.

None of the Representatives are Sales Agents thus avoiding any conflict of interest.

At REVS we take pride in helping owners navigate the process of selling their home, answering the many questions you may have and finding the right Sales Agent for your property.