This section is for genuine investor who would like to participate in joint ventures or property syndicates.

This opportunity is only available to those who want to participate in residential real estate projects.

Participation can be either as a Project Partner or as a Money Partner.

A Project Partner is someone who has identified a potentially profitable real estate project and is seeking financial assistance to complete the project.

Thus the Project Partner is seeking the assistance of a Money Partner to purchase and/or develop a residential real estate site and exit at an expected profit with the profit to be shared on an agreed basis.

  • An example could be where the Project Partner has researched an opportunity to develop a 950 sq m site and obtain approval to build 3 townhouses for an estimated project profit of $300K. The Project Partner is able to contribute some funds but not for the total development and seeks a Money Partner to provide finance for the construction of the townhouses on a 50/50 profit split basis. Finance from the Money Partner could be in many forms such as cash or by providing additional security (eg over another property) or by supporting the application for finance or by providing a guarantee.

A Money Partner is someone who has access to funds and wants to co-invest in a suitable project presented by a Project partner.

  • An example could be where a Project Partner has thoroughly researched an opportunity to acquire a rundown property in a good suburb at a low price and a renovation of $50K, carried out shortly after settlement, should net a profit of $80K from the subsequent sale after all costs are taking into account with the profit to be split on a mutually agreed basis.

Participation as a member means that you will be able to view summaries of projects looking for an investor as well as summaries of investors looking for participation in a real estate project.

To become a member of the REViews Investor list you will first need to accept the following conditions.


REViews does not warrant that the information provided in the summaries is correct and members must make their own inquiries and investigations before proceeding to invest.

REViews assumes no liability for the correctness of the information provided by parties looking for investment or parties seeking to invest in a project or a property syndicate. Members invest at their own risk and are advised to seek professional advice before participation in any project.

Investors should insist on the execution of proper legal agreements to cover all parties involved in a transaction. Money Partners should take suitable security to protect their investment.

REViews does not vet deals. It is entirely the responsibility of members to do so. REViews carries out no checks on the accuracy of any information provided in the summaries. Members need to check the details of any project proposals. REViews takes no responsibility for the content of members’ posts and any of the transactions entered into by any member.

I accept the above conditions:



It can be difficult and time consuming to find a suitable property to buy, then to acquire the property and upgrade/renovate/subdivide, build and sell. And often a single investment in an investment property involves putting up all your capital as a deposit plus renovation and holding costs. That is fine if that is what you prefer.

But rather than putting all your money in one basket it may be preferable to be part of a Syndicate where funds are pooled and the risk is spread. The risk can also be reduced as a number of Syndicate members will add their skills to investigate and check each proposal. So rather than taking a risk on one $500K project it may be better to invest $50K or $100K in a Syndicate project thereby reducing the risk.

To join the Syndicate please provide your name and contact details

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and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs in more detail.