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There are two parts to this answer. It is best to buy an average house, In an average street, in an average suburb because that is where the biggest demand will be….

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Some 60% of us live in just five mainland capital cities i.e. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.The first four cities have shown consistent…..

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Houses with a twist are the best properties to buy because they offer more opportunities for capital growth. On a $ for $ basis apartments tend to….

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There are a number of commentators who say that you should not include your home as an asset. We disagree. For most Australians their home is their main asset…..

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The advantage is that after you collect the rent and then pay for outgoings such as maintenance and rates as well as the interest on the mortgage…..

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The main disadvantage is that after you collect your rent and pay for outgoings and interest on your mortgage that there is a loss…..

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The end game is that you own a number of properties where the combined asset value less the mortgage on these is such that you can retire on this…..

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This should be decided by the suburb and the type of property you have. If you have a well presented property in a good suburb and…..

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Some vendors paint their home or install new appliances before they sell. It is best to carry out cosmetic improvements and avoid…..

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